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The start of 30 literary classics

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  1. The book opens with ……
  2. Edwards begins his book with ……
  3. Early chapters of the book ……

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First English diary in 2016

The editor’s notes:

All through these years, I didn’t stop learning English, but till now I harvested little. Perhaps from the day I left Senior Middle School, the real study of English was dead. For I didn’t read, write, speak and listen English everyday. Only when I realised that my English was so poor, maybe I couldn’t know how to answer a foreigner’s question on the street, or I found it hard to read a English novel even somebody else told me it was so easy, I took up a vocabulary book or opened an app in the iPhone, just a few days.

About a week ago, I found Wang Jianshuo’s English Blog. We both came from Henan, the poorest province in China. He lives in Shanghai, operating one of the most famous classifieds site Baixing Wang. I live in Beijing, holding nothing in my hands. Why? What’s up during the past 10 years? The BEST time of my life has been wasted in searching, quarreling and many other nonsenses.

I hope it was a new start when I began to write this note. To master English well, I should make a systematic study from now on, not only reciting the words, listening the audio books, but also tring to write diary, and even practising oral English.

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2016年05月06日 11:41

PHP之父Rasmus Lerdorf访谈录:过去我不喜欢编程,现在还是不喜欢——技术只是解决问题的工具,是抽象的锤头、锯子,并没什么了不起,而真正振奋人心的是用技术提升了百万人的生活品质。

Rasmus Lerdorf出生在1968年9月22日,1993年毕业于加拿大滑铁卢大学(University of Waterloo)计算机科学专业,他最为著名的成就是创造了最初的PHP引擎,并且成为了著名的开源开发者、演讲家和图书作者。勒多夫1995年利用一组C语言的宏指令开发了PHP,并将其用于网络应用的开发。

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