Ulysses III 体验 | 下载一个独特的 Markdown 文本编辑器,它的目的是给富有创新精神的作家,小说家和作家最好的写作经验。特色在于既有类似 Evernote 的三栏式管理布局,并支持文件夹分类,同时也有 Byword 的单栏纯写作布局,全屏后黑底白字的感觉非常适合码字。

Ulysses lets you focus when you need to concentrate. It keeps all your texts neatly stuffed in its intuitive library. With a few clicks, Ulysses can create beautiful documents from your manuscripts: PDFs, web pages, even iBooks-ready ePubs. With its simple, clutter-free interface, it will turn work hours into fun time. And mere thoughts into powerful stories. If you love to write, and write a lot, Ulysses is made for you.


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之前在用的 IA Writer Pro 和 Byword 2.2 MacOSX 都存储在 docs 中,2015年已经下载了Ulysses 2.x Multilangual,但当时惊艳于 IA Writer 和 Byword 的简洁,没有试用。

百度网盘网页版的搜索框,在 13 英寸的Mac下,窗口如果不足够的大,不显示!


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