A newbie of Python, try my best to keep writing. Follow me @ Weibo, Douban.

I Like Chopin — Gazebo

Rainy days, Never say Good-bye, To desire when we are together.
Rainy days, growing in your eyes, Tell me where’s our way.



  • Advertising Optimization
  • HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS / Flash
  • Java (Scala / Groovy) / Python / PHP
Bejing 2007.03 – Now R&D Mananger
Bejing 2006.08 – 2007.03 Technical Support
Shanghai 2004.08 – 2006.08 Senior Editor
Guangzhou 2004.02 – 2004.08 Editor

So you want to know a little bit more about me?

My name is Chen Zixin, I am a Chinese software engineer currently living in Dongcheng District of Beijing with my WIFeI and a cat.

When I was young, I wanted to be a lawyer. That was before I got a job as a game editor in PConline since early 2004. From then on, I seized the good opportunity to take part in web application design, and interact with programers. As time goes on, I knew I would be a developer. I never stopped coding since May 25, 2007. Many thanks to Alan, Neil and Guitang Yang.

I still enjoy Chinese ancient culture and hard pen calligraphy, reading history books and writing Chinese character whenever I can. It’s probably because I used to be a liberal art student in Hust.


# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# Life's pathetic, let's Pythonic.
__author__ = 'Christen'

print "「慧极必伤」情深不寿,强极则辱,谦谦君子,温润如玉。"



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